Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In search of pie

Rockefeller Center by night
During the October of Crazy Travels, I spent all of ONE NIGHT in New York during training for work.  A little disappointing because I love spending time in that city, but since it was a work gig and all...not exactly that much time to really enjoy the city, so I'll take what I can get.  After filling our brains with exciting tax things, Dana and I had a lovely dinner together at Lattanzi on Restaurant Row in the theater district - sadly, she then got sucked into work craziness, and rather than tracking down another human companion, I just took this guy out for a spin.  With a specific destination in mind.

I'm the kind of person who makes food a priority when traveling anywhere.  More specifically, dessert.  More specifically in this instance, pie.  And most specifically of all in this particular instance, crack pie (doesn't that sound both scary and awesome?) from Momofuku Milk Bar.  Even though I'd already had dessert at dinner.  Oops.  So I pulled up the address and went out in the New York night and walked myself over there.  Do you think the walk negated the additional calories?  I know it doesn't, but it made me feel the teeniest bit better about myself. 

Every person who walks in the door can try a sample of their soft serve, and I went with cereal milk.  Basically it's like they took the milk leftover from a bowl of tasty cereal and spun it into soft serve.  Doesn't that sound a little gross?  Well, kinda, but considering I'm the kind of person who actually likes to drink the milk at the end, I was intrigued and just had to try it.  It was tasty.

This is also the place that inspired my adventures in compost cookies.  You might say I'm kinda obsessed with trying everything they offer.  I have quite a bit more to sample, though.  Ummm...they now offer shipping.  This could be dangerous.

This time around, I limited myself to one piece of pie.  One piece of buttery, custardy goodness supported by an oatmeal cookie-ish crust.  It. was. so. good.  I'm going to assume the "crack" name is for its addictive nature.  Mmmmmm.
Oh, and I walked around more and more to make myself feel another teeny bit better about the excessive dessert consumption, and I fought my way through Times Square while chatting on the phone with my sissy...

...and compiling shots of what was showing on Broadway at the moment.  I ♥ NY.


Sarah said...

That pie looks absolutely delightful!!!

Erin said...

Oh my gosh, Sarah, it was SO good - I'm telling myself there's absolutely no good reason to order a whole pie and have it shipped here...danger zone...

Darcy said...

Ok, Woman. SPAIN pictures! A hora! :) Heehee. Glad to see you're having more fun food adventures.

Erin said...

I PROMISE they're coming!! I've just about got them organized!! I'm so sorry - typically much more prompt on these things.

On the other hand, I've been distracted by pie. =)