Friday, November 5, 2010

Football makes me...sad??

Something is wrong with the world.  Usually I greet Saturday mornings with some amount of glee, delighting in the antics of GameDay and really getting into this whole college football thing.  I wake up EARLY for this, people, although "early" is a pretty loose term in my Saturday morning repertoire.  But lately...I've been hit with a big dose of "oh, who cares, whatEVER" when it comes to football.

My beloved Texas Tech Red Raiders are a mere 4-4, with losses to the likes of Iowa State.  Heavens, people, BAYLOR is currently sitting on top of the Big XII South, and that is just...well...a change, that's for sure.  No offense to my Baylor peeps - props to you on getting a good season going!
Allow me to hit on one of the bright spots.  And I use the term "bright" loosely because we could have very easily lost this game.  But at least I had the pleasure of attending, live and in person, the Tech-Baylor game at the Cotton Bowl about a month ago.  Why haven't I brought this up before?  Please, refer to the fried food extravaganza.  I was too enamored with that Pop-Tart to go into detail about a mere football game. 
The concrete behemoth beckons!
Actually managed to find my favorite Keffers - yay!!
That's a LOT of Red Raider fans

Yes, Evan and I are getting our guns up at the car show.  State Fair + football?  What could be better??
And while I'm grateful for the bright spot that was a Tech victory on that gorgeous October afternoon...this football doesn't get any better on Sundays!!  Do you know what's happening with the Cowboys this season?  It's AWFUL.  After all the "ooohh, it could be a Super Bowl year!" hype, no less.  I'm also currently living in Redskins country, which only adds to the pain.  Blerg.  Maybe I should become a hockey fan...

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