Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sweet babies. Awesome friends. Other things.

I was in Dallas last week, theoretically imparting my tax skills and knowledge to some new associates over five days, but you know why I was really there.  To see the babies.  And my friends, both with and without babies.  I love my people!

I got in on Saturday afternoon and promptly called Sarah, who graciously allowed me to stay with her a couple of nights AND who immediately knew my #1 priority (Mexican food, duh!), so we met for lunch at Chuy's.  I didn't take any pictures.  I just enjoyed the cheesy, deluxe tomatillo-ey goodness while catching up with a good friend.  Tex-Mex, I miss you so.  We then indulged in pedicures (for both of us) and a manicure (for me - nary a week goes by when I know without a doubt that I won't be doing dishes and destroying my hands, so I just had to treat myself) before getting caught in a ridiculous rainstorm.  At least my flight made it in before that mess o' weather.

Ok, this will get reaaaaaallllllly long if I detail it all out, so here are the highlights:
  • Dinner Saturday night at The Porch with some of my best gals.
  • Met with a realtor and checked out some houses on Sunday - eeekk!!  Thanks again to Sarah for all the advice and for being my real estate buddy.
  • A nice, long visit with the Vaughns on Sunday!  Hanging out with Gracie AND taking her on her first trip to Rosa's.  It was awesome.
Gracie doing the "I'm threeeeeee weeks old!" stretch

Gracie chillin' with her awesome mom

Duncan looks a little suspicious...or maybe just sad that he's not the baby anymore.

Gracie faceplanted into me - she's OUT, man.
  • Kinda ridiculous and awesome dinner at Javier's with my two co-instructors on Monday night. Caldo xochitl, cheese panela, carne asada a la tampiquena, tres leches cake. I think I gained five pounds.
  • A Tuesday night visit with the Peterson family!  Carolyn and I journeyed out to Rowlett to see Jenny and Chris and meet Miss Taylor - isn't she cute?

  • Dinner with Molly on Wednesday night at...no, not Mexican food...but Fearing's!  We would have been perfectly happy with Manny's, but fate sent us to Fearing's, and we were glad.  It was amazing.  Have you ever had chicken-fried lobster?  Trust me, just go for it.  It was also great catching up with my Molls!
  • I just keep talking about food, don't I?  And babies.  Sorry about that.
  • One of my favorite traditions, Thursday night dinner with Kami and Carolyn.  I miss these girls.
  • Semi-birthday celebration Friday night with some of my peeps at Veracruz in Bishop Arts.  It was delicious and just the right amount of festive.  Thanks, guys!
  • Finally seeing Stephanie's beautiful new home in Las Colinas AND catching up over one of my favorite fall beverages before heading to the airport.
So glad I got to see so many of my friends and catch up last week!  Miss you guys.

They're babies.  They're adorable.  Check out all the (limited!  I'm trying not to go overboard!) pictures.

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