Monday, September 2, 2013

Science rocks

A couple of weekends ago I met up with the gals (before heading into work, of course!) for a delicious brunch followed by a couple of educational hours at the new-ish Perot Museum of Nature and Science - free member tickets courtesy of Kami's work connections, what what!  I was more than happy to be one of her honored guests since I have a nerdy love for all things museum.  Seriously, Smithsonianity (which I never quite tackled, but that was still a LOT of museums).

oh, hello downtown!
We watched this really cool building go from the ground all the way up during our Pdub days, and the sloped lines and crazy escalator encased in glass stuck to the side of the building were really kinda fascinating.  So I've been looking forward to actually checking out the inside of this thing for a while now.  Some highlights for you!

Just a small reality check on where we are.  You know, perspective and all.
Giant sea turtle attack from above!!
Seriously?!?  When??  Do they crawl into our mouths at night?  GROSS.
Heart rhythms, yeeps!
Crazy veins, super yeeps!
Come on, kid, you really think you can outrun a cheetah?  No way.
It was such a cool museum!  There are so many interactive exhibits, and a lot of the displays in dino land were North Texas specific - crazy that this alllllll used to be underwater. Pretty awesome way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Crazy cool building filled with super awesome sciencey stuff