Saturday, January 3, 2009

New year, new start... blog. Well, not "new" by implying that there was ever an old one, but brand-spanking new. That's right, my friends, I have officially entered the world of blogging! No specific agenda or theme here, just the goings-on of me and everything from the mundane to the insane. I'm moving to Washington, D.C. in about a month, so hopefully this will serve as a good mechanism for chronicling my adventures on the East Coast and sharing them with family and friends (and anyone else who cares to read them, actually - the power of the internet! Thanks, Al Gore). I'll do my best to explore more than just the Smithsonian museums, I promise.

A note on the title of said blog - I'm self-confessed sticky-note obsessed. My desk at work tends to be covered with them, I frequently stick them on the front door as reminders, and friends bring them back to me when they go on vacation. Nothing kitschy for me, thanks, just some highly practical sticky notes. They show up in my Christmas stocking every year, and if you open up any desk drawer of mine, your jaw might drop at the sheer number and variety. Anyway, I find them to be a practical and often amusing mechanism for everything from lists to reminders to bookmarks to smiley faces for friends. This blog will serve as my sort of (enlarged) sticky note to you, recording these random thoughts and moments in slightly more permanent format.

Happy new year to everyone!


Sarah said...

SO excited you are blogging!!!

vgoogles said...

Erin, most entertaining writings. thanks for keeping in touch. what cha doin' in DC?

Erin said...

Hey Sarin, so excited to share my crazy thoughts with you! =)

vgoogles, happy to entertain - who you be?