Sunday, October 18, 2009


Not even MIA, really, more just MIP - missing in posting.  As in posting blog entries.  How is it October 18th??  Yes, I started a new job two weeks ago (still at Pdub, of course, just rotated into my next group - international tax, woohoo!), and I've been working a little bit later, and there have been bouts of blah weather that make me curl up under a blanket and watch mindless television rather than doing anything remotely productive, AND I've spent an absurd amount of time researching and testing and finally purchasing this:

My new baby, the Nikon D5000, complete with starter lens so I can figure out what I'm doing before investing wads o' cash in another one.  Major props to Mom and Dad for generously chipping in on the purchase (happy birthday to me!), and I CAN'T WAIT to play with this thing.  And learn all about cool things like aperture and f-stops and filters.

So, there are my lame excuses for being a bad blogger, but rest assured that I'm still alive and kicking and there are stories to come.  Especially since CBS has yet to realize that they should probably plan on the afternoon NFL game running late and adjusting their programming accordingly.  Just how many interceptions can two teams throw in overtime?  Someone win this game already!  I'd rather be watching Amazing Race!


Sarah said...

you're so stinking fancy!! i'm excited you've entered the wonderful world of the DLSR! And sadly, it won't take long until you're ready to move past the starter lens...i already am and am having to restrain myself!!!

Erin said...

I'm so excited about this camera!! You should be proud to know you're an inspiration. =) Ummm, and is it bad if I think I might already want a new lens with more zoom power? Dangerous, expensive new hobby...