Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sea critters

I'm still (yes, still) somewhat fascinated by the fact that I live so close to water.  And when you live so close to water, you have things like the Maine Avenue Fish Market, an open air seafood market down on the Southwest waterfront: all these floating barges - stores on water.  It's also the oldest continuously operating fish market in the U.S. - cool AND old.  I made a trip down there at the end of September (and yes, you're just now hearing about it - oops - not that you're that intrigued by the fact that I went to a fish market, but you might be) for a lunch adventure.  Talk about options - there were these crazy fish I'd never heard of, and you could get anything cooked any way you wanted it, and it was just fun.  And tasty.  Enjoy some fishy pictures!

You know I had to make a fishy face at the fish market...come on...
I'm afraid I would slice off a digit if I tried to shuck oysters.
Jarritos!  I hadn't seen these in a while since becoming an East Coast gal
Deck overlooking the water where you can enjoy your freshly caught (and umm...freshly fried) catch

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