Sunday, November 7, 2010

Old friends who aren't old at all, but young and fabulous

I just spent the most delightful weekend here in the D of C with Carrie and Kerry, two of my dearest friends who've known me since waaaaaaaaaay back in the day...we're talking sixth grade here.  When I used to wear vests and had ridiculous bangs.  And somehow they still love me.  A little miraculous, I know.  And I've give you much more detail on our adventures, but it's 11:44 here on the East Coast, and my body thinks it's 12:44, and I'm just now slamming this blog post together, so you get a very brief overview of the highlights with much more to come.  Brief overview?  We enjoyed sangria and cake and cheese and wonderful fall weather and adventures in shopping and explorations of our nation's capital and just general friend awesomeness.  That's pretty brief for me.  Love these girls, no matter whether we're fuzzy or in focus.


Sully said...

I like this picture, I enjoyed your brief overview of the weekend, but mostly I loved getting to be a part of both!!

Erin said...

I'm SOOOOO glad we had this weekend!! Love you lots, Kerry M. Sulli!