Wednesday, July 17, 2013

So June kinda disappeared... a whirlwind of vacationy things, which is never really a bad way for time to fly by.  We had an epic Mexico adventure with some dear friends, which I'll tell you all about, and then I also escaped to the wilderness (without a bat this time, thank goodness - these smart people actually had screens on their windows, God bless them) with the girls for a few days.

And then before I knew it, July was kinda disappearing, too.  But at least I told you about nerd school.  We'll see if I can get anything else out there.

Nerd school, and back to the East of Coasts

I just got back from nerd school in Baltimore, and while the majority of each day was consumed with really exciting tax information and avoiding the oppressive heat, I did manage to escape for dinner and a little exploring.  You know, as much as you'd want to explore Baltimore.  Which for me, was apparently just a little baseball game action when it was within easy reach, so I was glad to take a little more time to discover that there are actually cute things, tasty things, historical things in Baltimore...not just scary things.  So I took some phone pics for you (for me, really, but since I'm sharing them and all...), happily enhanced with some Picasa action here and there.  Enjoy the brief trip.

Oh, you know, just some boats hanging out in the inner harbor
Look what I found in Baltimore!  A little touch of home
For reals?  Yes, it's for reals, and claims to be America's oldest...
A fuzzy shot of the awesome bar at Thames Street Oyster House
A million kinds of oysters!  I, of course, had none - they kinda gross me out
So instead of oysters, I had a really delicious lobster roll with cucumber salad - YUM
Hey there, dining at the bar buddies
They also talked me into dessert - key lime tart, so good
The super old and super cute Broadway Market
The National Katyn Memorial, which I knew absolutely nothing about...something about Poland?  It just looked kinda cool
View of the harbor from my room at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront - hello, water
Did you know the world is your oyster?  Mo's says so!
I was temporarily back in the land of's a weird place to be