Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shopping at its finest

I believe shopping can often best be done from the comfort of your own home in your pjs.  Which really wasn't a viable option all that long ago.  Can you remember a world where Amazon wouldn't bring your every last whim to your doorstep?  I mean, Amazon - it's kinda like Wal-Mart, only about a thousand times more awesome.  It has EVERYTHING.  I've also become addicted Etsy for things like adorable cards (I ♥ paper products!) and custom-made earrings and other cutesy things.  Clothes can still be a little iffy, but I love Shabby Apple and ModCloth and the usual suspects in the form of Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic and Loft/Ann Taylor.

Online shopping also serves me well on those occasions when I'm shopping for someone else and might not ever actually visit the kind of physical store that sells things like King Ranch caps.  That one's for you, Dad.  And NOW they send me catalogues, of course.  When's the last time anyone actually ordered something from a catalogue??  I'm talking filling out the form and mailing it in kind of thing.  Does anyone do that now?

I kinda love having coffee delivered to my home.  And I don't allow myself to actually go in Sephora for fear of spending triple digit amounts on things I don't need that won't miraculously cure my skin of all that ails it.  And I found great shoes to walk around Spain in...but NOT in a store.  These didn't exist in any store in the D.C. metro area.  Trust me, I tried.

You know what I've purchased online in the last week?  Well, no, you don't.  But I'm going to share it anyway:
  • Essential makeup supplies from Sephora, including a Clinique eyeliner I've recently fallen in love with.
  • Custom holiday cards from Snapfish - I used one of my pictures from last year's Snowmaggedon adventures.  Pretty excited about them.
  • Tickets via Groupon for my sissy and I to see Paula Deen at the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show this weekend.  Excited to see my sissy AND to hang out with the Queen of Butter.
  • Replacement rubber foot for my laptop from Amazon.
  • A gift to be delivered as my substitute for not actually being able to attend something since I live halfway across the country from the something. 
Power to the interwebs!  And yes, I have my credit card number...actually, two credit card numbers...memorized.  Maybe I do a little toooo much online shopping.

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