Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My mom can rock a sewing machine

I realize Halloween already happened.  But you'll have to forgive me if I'm still a little caught up in the idea.  I grant myself full permission to indulge in some Halloween-ness during the first week in November, if for no other reason than it's fueled by the NOW HALF-PRICE candy flooding supermarket aisles, searching for a loving home (mini Almond Joys and Butterfingers, I'll adopt you!).

For this Halloween-ness rambling, I choose to focus my attention on costumes.  The last time I dressed up for Halloween was 2006, where I did my best as a bunch of grapes.  Massive amounts of purple ballons, strategically safety-pinned to a t-shirt dress.  Not exactly the kind of thing you can drive around in, and it invited several comments involving squeezing and popping, which I hadn't really thought about beforehand.  Oh, boys.  I did have it easier than the other gals dressed in the "traditional" style of French maids and sexy nurses, so easily purchased from Party City.  Blech.  There's just no need for that.  I think I'm kinda over the whole costume thing until I have really good reason to make it happen again, perhaps in a totally different life phase. 

However, my mom busted out some pretty awesome costumes during our youth, and I used to LOVE dressing up for Halloween.  Probably something about the fact that it was combined with my birthday, so just imagine a younger me hopped up on birthday cake AND Halloween treats.  Scary, I know.  Some of my favorites from years past...that I have pictures of...that have been scanned in...oh, they're all good!

Sis in one of the more awesome costumes - RED M&M, SO COOL!  Little cousin Hayley dons the tiger look, and I think I'm trying to make a scary witch face...it seems to be working pretty well.
Hamming up my clown face while sis is the most adorable skunk ever.  Why a skunk?  Not sure...but it's stinkin' cute!  Stinkin' cute...yes, I went there.

I'm an ELEPHANT - how cool is that??  I also appear to be perplexed by the joyful tiger next to me...

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