Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fun in the forest

My sis was in town last weekend, but about a month ago we had another sister reunion...only in the forest!  Well, the forest of Durham, NC, which is was more foresty than many other places I know.  And it wasn't just for the sisters...we had our mom, too!  Amanda had fall break, so Mom flew out for a mini-vacation with her kiddos.  Well, one kiddo.  And then the other kiddo came.  And brought a boy with her.  It's nice to have someone else drive you to the forest.
I absolutely adore Chick-fil-A.  It makes every road trip better.
We had a wonderful dinner at Watts Grocery on Friday night.  And yes, I do things like take pictures of the dessert menu.  It was SO good.

Amanda made us a lovely brunch on Saturday morning!

And all we contributed was this tiny pumpkin...but doesn't it add a lovely fall touch?  Oh yeah, we also brought a bottle of champagne for mimosas - YUM.
Girl power AND Duke awesomeness!  Go Bryan girls!
We went to the Duke-Miami football game on Saturday - I think Amanda makes a lovely blue devil mascot.  Side note - a Duke football game is very similar to a Texas high school football game in terms of stadium and size and crowd.  Except that there are Texas high school football teams out there that could probably smack Duke.  But Duke has really smart cheerleaders.
"D" is for Duke!
Well, the game didn't go too well, but we had fun anyway.  More girl power!
We drowned our football sorrows at LocoPop.  I LOVE their popsicles.
Sunday we went to Southern Season, one of the most amazing kitchen/food stores ever, and the boy and I bought Amanda a bottle of wine to thank her for her hospitality...it was a kinda creepy bottle.  I hope it tastes good.
Here's a link to pictures from the weekend in the forest.  Wonderful weekend!!  Other than that darn D.C. traffic...blerg.

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