Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm not sure who first decided to eat these things...

I actually didn't have to work this weekend, which was really a pleasant surprise after optimistically purchasing tickets a month ago to the annual LSU alumni crawfish boil* set for last Saturday.  I hoped I would be able to make it, knowing that I might not (the plight of a CPA in April), and ended up spending a gorgeous Saturday afternoon with friends and food instead of at my desk.  Chalk up one in the win column.

*aren't you a Red Raider, they say?  Yes, yes I am, but some of my favorite people happen to be Tigers, and I'm more than happy to throw a little support their way in the name of beer and crawfish.  Eat on.

Attack!  Don't worry, I traded my corn to Craig for his potato - that's what love is all about
After doing this crawfish business on our own last year at Jen & Mike's house (which I never told you about, pretend I did - ohhh, instant blog catch-up technique!), we opted for the far easier and more cost-efficient method of throwing some money at the LSU crowd and letting them take care of the details.  The delicious, delicious details, including Abita on "draft" (you know, a cooler/tap situation, which worked out just fine) and a lively crowd, surely debating highly important topics over discarded crawfish bodies.

I think Craig won the prize for the biggest, scariest weird thing we ripped apart and ate
Fun-filled Saturday afternoon, other than the traffic wah-wah on the way home (when will 635 ever not be a giant disaster area?!?), especially when it included deep-fried dough with a healthy coating of powdered sugar.

I think Gracie might like beignets almost as much as I do - look at the powdered sugar joy face
Not a bad way at all to finish up a spring busy season that was just a little busier than I might have liked.  Hmmm, these client service gigs...hey, but I have a FREE DAY OFF tomorrow ("free" as in "hey, you've worked ridiculous amounts of overtime in the last month, so SURE, take the day after 4/15 and go do things like laundry that you haven't had time to do"), which I have really big plans for.  However, the #1 thing on the really big plan list is "majorly sleep in," so that could have a pretty big impact on how the rest of the day goes.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Minor victories

Last year I baked a pie at the end of a long day.  This year I waited until the morning after a string of long days so that coffee could factor into the equation and kick-start my brain while I put together some blueberry crumb bars to take to Easter lunch at the Vaughns.  So even with a change in the jobs that's been *mostly* for the better, I still do this crazy tax thing and I'm still incredibly busy in light of this 4/15 situation.  Hmmm.  Guess I'd better look for minor victories where I can find them.

So for this minor victory I baked and didn't work on Easter.  I'll take it.  Especially when Gracie greets me with hugs and smiles and giggles and unabashed joy for all the Easter festivities.  Love this kiddo to bits.  Thanks for having us over, Vaughns!  Now, everyone enjoy the cuteness.

Omg, I am sooooooo excited about finding these eggs!!!  Except the ones I can't see or reach - geez, Dad.
Excuse me, this basket is getting loaded down with eggs - a little help?