Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowmageddon 2010

Just to give you an idea of the snow accumulation in the D.C. area over the weekend...I mean, poor teddy bears didn't stand a chance:

In case you've been living under a rock, the Mid-Atlantic region was smacked in the face by some crazy-ridiculous snowfall over the weekend.  After Snowpocalypse 2009, a snowstorm here and there, and Snowmageddon 2010's accumulation, D.C. is on pace for its snowiest winter ever.  Thanks for giving me the true winter experience, Mother Nature!  We don't get these coastal double moisture something somethings anywhere in Texas.  It's just crazy out there.

The office shut down at 10:45 Friday morning...and hasn't been open since.  Not going to lie, it's kinda nice to work from the comfort of my couch in some cozy jammies, but I think I might go absolutely bonkers without some human contact and adventures outside of this apartment.  However, I am extremely grateful to be in the city, all urbanified, where the plows have actually come through, the sidewalks are relatively clear, and the electricity is still on.  Some of these poor folks out in the burbs haven't had power for days.  And honestly, I could really make it into the office if I needed to...but there just aren't too many people there.  A lot of them are stuck at home with stir-crazy children and are therefore all too happy to shut themselves in a home office and take on the day one conference call at a time.  My child doesn't know what going outside really means, so all is well here in the Bryan household.  Although I think I'm throwing him for a loop with my continued presence.

To prevent myself from going crazy, I've managed the following:
  • Actually worked until 3:30 or so on Friday and then sought refuge with fellow co-workers and other snowy folks at an early happy hour.  Walked home (rocking the snow boots, I might add) in a peaceful, fluffy, falling-straight-down-and-not-all-blizzardish snow.  Pretty.
  • Busted out the snow boots and layers to go explore with the camera on Saturday right after the snow stopped falling.  Streets functioned as sidewalks, people were skiing, general crazy winterness.  You bet I took a million pictures.  I also may or may not have gone up on the roof and made a snow person.  It's been a while since I just fell into a giant pile of snow.
  • Braved the (mostly clear and slushy main) roads on Sunday to make it to a Super Bowl party.  I get really excited about any opportunity to spend time in the kitchen putting together BBQ jalapeƱo poppers and chocolate whoopie pies with salted caramel buttercream to share with friends, and I wasn't letting the snow get in the way of my kitchen adventures.  I mean, it's too dangerous to make that stuff for myself...I'll eat it all.  Oh, yeah, and the game was pretty good, too.
  • Escaped for lunch today to walk a mere block and a half to Potbelly for a toasty sandwich.  I was really craving it.
Since I have the essentials on hand in the kitchen (and by essentials, I mean coffee, leftover whoopie pies, and assorted pantry items...vegetables are so waiting until week), I've completely avoided grocery stores.  We have caffeine-crazed people screaming at Whole Foods, empty shelves, and lines from the registers to the back of the store.  This last piece is  based on today's first-hand report from my neighbor who quickly discouraged my passing thoughts at heading down the street to Safeway to pick up ingredients for a pot of chili.  So much for my winter comfort food.

Oh, and have I mentioned that it's snowing again?  Ummm...right now?  Looking a little blizzard-ish outside my window right now, and I feel exceptionally sorry for the valet guys at the National Building Museum who are attempting to park and retrieve cars for some gala that's still going on tonight.  Office is shut down again tomorrow...and I'm guessing probably Thursday, too.  We're supposed to get 10-20" out of this one.  Since we've already run through Snowpocalypse and Snowmageddon, I think the suggested moniker for this one is Snoverkill.  Ridiculous.  I might have to head out for pictures again tomorrow after the snow stops and share them with you...provided I still have things like electricity and Internet access.  Which I really think I will.  Not too much danger of falling trees crushing power lines here in the urban jungle.

Go check out the craziness on Picasa from my snowy explorations.  It's a little ridiculous.  Set the slideshow on fast, because you know me...there are far too many pictures there.  Happy winter, everyone!


Trinity said...

That crap better be gone by the time I get there.

Ironically, my Word Verification is "chili" and it is blue.

Erin said...

At this rate, we're going to be digging out for the next month. Pack your snow boots.