Saturday, June 18, 2011

We do enjoy our wine

We very belatedly celebrated Carolyn's birthday (ummmm...can you say February?!?  Life's been a little crazy...) a couple of weekends ago by taking a short trip over to Grapevine and enjoying our own little slice of Napa right here in the DFW area.  Maybe it's not quite Napa, but the wine was pretty tasty and it's a MUCH shorter trip that rather pleasantly occupies a Sunday afternoon. 

I'd been in/through Grapevine before, but had never really spent time on its cutesy Main Street or checked out any of the wineries - and it was really fun!  It was on the exceptionally-hot-oh-my-gosh-where's-air-conditioning side of things on this particular day, so we didn't do much wandering - pretty much just straight from tasting room to tasting room.  Which is really not a bad way to go.  At all.  Especially when there are crisp white wines awaiting you at every location.

First stop - La Buena Vida.  Beautiful courtyard, fun live music, tasty wine.  Perfect.

Tasting room at La Buena Vida - it was way too hot to sit outside

Veltliner - that's a new one for me!  Also, wine from Bryan. =)

Second stop - Homestead Winery, in a super-cute old house.  We also witnessed some flying cork action here - it was pretty hilarious.

Third and final stop (see, we're not tooooo crazy) was Cross Timbers, where it was delightfully air conditioned and the wine was delicious.  Also, the kind gal pouring our wine gave us free cheese and crackers.  Two thumbs way, WAY up.

Tasting room at Cross Timbers - we're happy.

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