Saturday, June 18, 2011

Two sweet little peas in a pod

A couple of weekends ago I journeyed (yes, a journey - we had to stop for provisions and everything!  Ok, maybe just carbonated beverages, but that definitely counts as provisions in my book...) to Ft. Worth with car buddies Kami and Sarah to celebrate our dear friend Amy, who's due with TWINS in September.  Double baby blessings!!  Also, double poopy diapers, but let's not get too caught up in that right now.  Stay tuned for total baby shower cuteness.

Adorable peas in a pod cookies!!

And there they are in all of their sonogram glory!  Can't wait to meet you, babies!

Jenny brought sweet baby Taylor!  She stole the show for a bit...

...much like this.  Floor gymnastics and model poses.  She's too much.

Sarah always makes the CUTEST baby things, and this was no exception!  I think Amy kinda loves it. =)

Teensy and adorable bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes, which were AMAZING.  Plus you get to try more than one flavor if you split with a friend...

The cutest idea!!  We all wrote messages and notes on teensy diapers, and now when Amy and Brandon change them in a few months, they'll (hopefully) get to smile a little bit when dealing with the poo.
It was such a cute shower, and we had a great time celebrating the growing Davis family!  Photo spread here, which disproportionately consists of many pictures of the adorable Taylor - she can't help her photogenic cuteness.

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