Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So we've taken care of all the big things, right?

Picking out cakes = FUN.  I mean, you walk into a bakery and are immediately hit with a wave of sugary baked goodness and then sit down and look at pretty things and eat cake.  How could that be bad?  And I'm so glad Kami could come with us for the cake adventure!  I remember doing this with Diana and Trinity (dang, did you know you guys have been married for years now?), and we just had so much fun with it.

Wedding ckes are coming from Romano's, and they're already 100% paid for, so we can definitely check those bad boys off the list.  Right now I'm totally in love with Romano's.  And I plan to stay that way in case the cakes don't show up.  Done.  I didn't know if they wanted me to take pictures or I just snuck in a few while plates of cake were being prepped for us.  Which takes more than a moment when we're checking out sixteen flavors.  Love you, Romano's.

I will give them a little bit of grief for what I'm referring to as the archaic flavor divide - white cake for the bride and chocolate cake for the groom.  Craig is completely and totally weird and actually doesn't like chocolate cake, which makes me wonder why I would even marry him in the first place* - but don't worry, there will definitely be chocolate cake at our wedding. =)

I think one reason I loved this part of it so much...well, I love baked goods.  And all things chocolate.  And basically anything involving food at all.  This was basically a win-win situation for me - leave work early to go taste cake.  Please ignore the fact that I actually went BACK to work after this 4:00 appointment.  Sigh.  Temporary setback.
And as much as I love my morning baked goods...I love sleep a little bit more.  So this is the kind of bakery I want.  They head straight into dessert and don't leave it.  What bliss.

And the decision making process was surprisingly easy!  I mean, this wedding stuff can really drive you crazy...if you let it.  Did I spend hours looking at pictures of cakes?  Ummm...definitely probably yes.  Did it really matter in the end?  Not so much.  And it's going to be beautiful AND delicious.

Although after looking at that picture again I kinda want to do that ribbon thing that's going on with the pink number...oh boy, so much for decisiveness.

You know what else is fun?  Engagement pictures!  Did those with the wonderful Sara & Rocky last night in Deep Ellum and at White Rock Lake, and the little preview they shared has me all excited.  Coming to us in two weeks or less!

Oh, and "so we've taken care of all the big things, right?" - quote courtesy of Craig.  I just smiled in response.**

* Not really.  Love him lots.  We're all weird in our own special, loveable way.
** I may have also said something like "do you really think so?  I'll show you my list..."

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