Sunday, July 3, 2011

They will occasionally burst into song and dance

I love artsy stuff.  Especially when it involves people far more talented than I singing and dancing on a stage.  So when fellow enjoyer of artsy stuff Diana and I lined ourselves up for a rather art-tastic week (also, after two years in DC, very much a treat to see Diana THREE TIMES in one week), I was pretty pumped about it.  Brief recap to follow.

Billy Elliot at the Winspear Opera House - angry tap dancing is awesome, and the Winspear has one of the coolest light fixtures ever.  It was a little unfortunate that we bought tickets for this show WAY in advance and had no idea that the Mavs would be playing for the NBA championship that night...and WINNING...but at least it was better than when we went for Rock of Ages and were surrounded by tornadoes.

Oh, and not really artsy, but the boys met us for dinner beforehand, and Craig had his FIRST Lone Star beer.  We're getting him integrated, Texans.

Next up - Ben Folds playing with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, which is by far one of the coolest concerts I've ever been to.  I LOVE this man's music, and he is such a great performer - his impromptu composition of a new song (never to be released due to its ridiculousness, I'm sure) on stage was just freakin' cool.

We closed things out with a performance of Next to Normal put on by the Uptown Players at the Kalita Humphreys Theater - Diana and I were a little intrigued by the crowd for this particular show (the demographic was heavily skewed in the loving man-couple direction, which we couldn't figure out...was it a connection with one of the actors?  the location of the theater?  the musical itself?  anyway, lots of fabulous shoes for us to admire...), and the subject matter was pretty heavy, but we both really enjoyed it.

To cap it all off, last week I caught the Spazmatics (80's cover band!) with Jenny and Molly at the Arboretum as part of their concert series.  It's such a great setting - right by the lake, bring your own blanket and cooler, enjoy.  Plus it's just fun to bust out some of your favorite 80's tunes.  Loudly.

TONS of fun, although I think I'll be more excited about the fall shows when I can hopefully avoid rivers of sweat.

Now, if my State of the Arts license plate would just show up...

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Belinda said...

This is a complete side-note after reading the blog...but tell Jenny she looks GREAT! Baby weight looks totally gone!