Friday, June 3, 2011

Smoke it

I'm now the proud owner (by inheritance through engagement to a man who loves BBQ with all his heart and soul) of an awesome grill and this thing called a "smoker," which apparently transforms meats in magical ways.  I have no idea how to use it, but I'd like to think I could figure it out if we had some kind of emergency that required smoking. 

To celebrate this device and the man who comes with it AND to ring in the season of "hey let's have people over and grill/BBQ and GOSH it's hot outside!!"...obviously pre-Memorial Day festivities were needed at the Erin/Craig/Harry/Zach residence with some good friends.  And plenty of meat.  At least two pounds per person.  Because that's what Craig believes.*  At least I also got him to believe in Texan seasoning for the brisket.  Go Texan!

Ok, and we also MADE BBQ sauce.  Craig went mustardy, and I went tomatoey.  Welcome to my new meaty, saucy life.**  Another new part of that life is a

In attendance at this bash?  A number of wiggly babies, both human and canine***...

...and sometimes the human and the canine come together when you realize that the massive couch-shaped dog bed is just perfect for the baby who needs a little bit of a prop to assist with self-bottle feeding.

Zach's good at sharing, Gracie - you're in luck.
Oh yeah, we also had plenty of hungry friends here, too, who did all they could with the massive amount of food taking up every inch of counter space in the kitchen.

So great to spend some quality time with good friends.  And some good meat.  Lots and lots of good meat.

*I was sending people home with meat bags.  We had a LOT of food.
** Yes, I realize how ridiculous this sounds.  Just go with it.
*** There's a feline wiggly baby, too, but you can believe he was in hiding or held captive in his room for the vast majority of this.
Sam's Club membership, since we actually have room to store 28,000 rolls of paper towels AND they offer much more reasonable prices on giant slabs of meat.  Oh boy.

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Sarah said...

Yay for such a fun afternoon! So glad I got to enjoy the yummy meat!!! :)