Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dandelions are devil spawn

A couple of weekends ago, my quads and hamstrings (are those the same thing??) and glutes and basically every muscle in that general area were screaming at me.  Not from some massive gym session, no, but it was definitely a workout.  Known as weeding.  Known as weeding flowerbeds that really needed to be weeded about two months ago.  Known as weeding "totally overgrown with every manner of evil plant not limited to but including massive amounts of dandelions which possess a remarkably stubborn root system" flowerbeds.  There are special tools out there, specifically crafted for those moments when you have to face down these Vicious Taproots.  I just wanted you to know what I was up against.

It took three hours.  I was very hot and sweaty.  The end.

I also went and bought MULCH.  Who am I??  Craig told me mulch would prevent weeds from cropping back up, and I didn't believe him, but then I Googled it and did believe him.  Thank you, magic Google machine.  And Craig.  I don't have much...or any...experience with this mulch business.  And by the way, sweetie, mulch doesn't exactly weigh the 20 pounds a bag you said it's kinda heavy...

Pretty new red mulch = awesome.  Dead bits of worthless crap to the right = no good.  Time to buy more mulch.
...and it doesn't get quite the coverage I envisioned.  I knew two bags wasn't nearly enough, but now I'm planning on buying at least ten more.  Ick.  At least it's a good workout.  Oh, and I also added rosemary to the herb party while I was at it.  That was MUCH easier than the Flowerbed Taproot Extraction of 2011.

Shouldn't someone else take care of this while we're in a rental house?  My thoughts exactly.  But our landlord doesn't believe in hiring a lawn service; he believes in adding clauses to our lease that say things about watering the lawn and such silliness.  Hindsight.

Now that I have some space to work with that isn't overrun by every imaginable form of evil weed, I'd love to put in some pretty flowers...but I'm not going to go to the effort for this temporary house.  So you'll have to settle for the single pot of marigolds (in an inherited pot, I might add - I just pulled out whatever sad dead thing was in there and started over) greeting you at the front door.  Why marigolds?  Because they're so bright and cheery!  Also, they're practically impossible to kill - the things are basically like weeds with pretty flowers attached.  I figured if they could survive the Texas Panhandle's harsh conditions, they should do a-ok here.

Craig is in charge of grass while I'm in charge of everything else.  Which totally works.  For now.  Especially since our system for taking care of the leaves from the magnolia tree involves just mowing over them.  I love the magnolia flowers (did you know they kinda look like giant roses before they bloom?  It's so cool!)...all of those leaves, not quite so much.

Maybe we should just go live in a condo somewhere...except I do love our outdoor space.  And with Zachary running around, it's basically a necessity.

Time to go buy more mulch.


Sarah said...

I bought 23 bags of mulch last's ridiculous how much of that stuff you need to fill up crazy flower beds!!!

Erin said...

23 bags?!? Thank goodness we only have these two flower beds in the front of the house! Yeesh!

Belinda said...

Erin - welcome to the life of home living :)

I bought 7 bags of garden soil, 1 bag of potting soil, 10 bags of mulch, 12 4.5" potted geraniums and 24 white vincas. Talk about a work-out!!! I'll send you an email with my results.

See you soon!

Erin said...

Belinda, your flowers are just gorgeous!! Can't wait to see you soon and show off our mulch muscles. =)