Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The old & the new

I think I knew I would miss most of the following things (we're keeping people off this list - you know I miss you, and if I have to type it all out I might just cry), but now that I'm settling into life without them, it surprises me a little bit what I actually miss. I realize quite a few of them are related to food, which I just can't help. I'm not as emotionally attached to my laundry detergent as I am to my breakfast items.

  1. Bluebell ice cream. There's plenty of other tasty ice creams out there, but nothing's quite the same as Bluebell. Is it bad if I've already looked into having it shipped to me? Don't worry, I won't spend that much on ice cream.
  2. Mrs. Baird's bread products. Apparently I'm very supportive of my Texas food suppliers.
  3. Smucker's red plum jam - do they not believe in red plums here? Perhaps this is just the bunk grocery stores I've tried - I can't believe you let me down, Harris Teeter in Columbia Heights. I even went to the Smucker's website, typed in my 20001 zip code, and found that Harris Teeter's shelves are supposed to stock this item. Please don't make me go to Virginia for red plum jam.
  4. Parking lots that don't require you to pay for them. I've never had to pay to park at Target in my life...but I do now! Well, if I go to the one actually in DC and not in suburbia. Yes, the Target in the neighborhood currently undergoing a gentrification project with glaringly obvious warnings to the druggies in the area.

Ok, it's not all about missing food and vast, free parking lots. There are some new discoveries that I'm really enjoying, too (and I promise they're not all food-related):

  1. Pedestrian signs that actually count down the time you have to dash across the intersection. No guessing on whether blinking yellow means you'll live or die, and yes, I'm referring to you, stinky light at the corner of Pearl and Flora. I know my Dallas Pdubbers understand that one all too well.
  2. Walking. To the grocery store, to work, to dinner. It's awesome. Even when it's freakin' cold. Although I am ready for spring weather to stick around.
  3. Cool new experiences - trying new restaurants, making new friends, seeing things I've never seen before. Breaking out of my shell a little bit.
  4. Working 50 hours a week instead of 80. Sorry, my fellow P-dubbers, I know that many of you are in the deep depths of busy season - you know I know your pain. And you're almost there!! Except for...fiscal year ends. And odd quarterly things. Ok, it's a vicious cycle.

I tried to keep the lists small. You can be certain I'll reevaluate in the future and come to realize a few more things. I'll even try to steer away from the food a little bit.

Oh, who am I kidding, queso flows through my veins!


Sarah said...

I will be glad to pack Mrs. Bairds or Smuckers in my suitcase when I come...but don't count on me carting any Blue Bell across the country :)

Can't wait for this summer!

Erin said...

You're a true friend, Sarah! I might take you up on the Smuckers offer...I didn't realize quite how much I loved it until it was taken from me.