Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Taxes, our taxes

April 15th is here! That used to mean a deep sigh of relief and an early departure from work to grab an adult beverage with some friends to celebrate the fact that we're still alive. Followed by a deep, deep sleep. This year for me, though, it's pretty much...well...just another day. It's odd being so less aware of the deadline.

Three cheers for all of my 4/15 tax friends who have survived another busy season! Well, the busy season of calendar year taxpayers...don't think about fiscal year ends today. Just think about TABC or Vino 100 or possibly a bacon cheeseburger, and nothing more than a bacon cheeseburger, from Sonic.

If you'd like to send a tacky/humorous/offensive Tax Day greeting card to a friend, acquaintance, or random email address (Trinity, I'm curious as to what your 4/15 adventure could entail), check out the selection at Oh, normal-ish people probably don't quite as worked up about this day, do they? I wouldn't know - I'm one of the crazy accountants.


Sarah said...

Who knew there were 4/15 cards!? That's just crazy and pretty stinking hilarious!

Trinity said...

I completely forgot it was Tax Day. We are not procrastinators that file late so this is never an issue. Though our tax accountant moved to DC so I hope Diana did them right.

Erin said...

I hope so, too, Trinity - you can always call me with those vexing tax questions. Remember, I've saved you money in the past!