Thursday, April 30, 2009

Silly signs

Just a few more reasons why I always try to have my camera with me. Silly signs amuse me.

Likely intended to provide some awareness of a school/playground in the area, but I'm going to take it to mean "beware of teeter-totter AND children with floating heads."

I don't recall learning it quite that way in school. Special earbones? I wasn't aware that was a distinguishing feature of mammals. Merriam-Webster makes no mention of special earbones. Every other resource does, though. I think I glossed over this in my years of science education. Good thing the Museum of Natural History is here to set me straight.

You know some moron, mesmerized by the hypnotic beauty of the cherry blossoms, smacked his head into a branch and possibly (1) developed a small bump and accompanying headache and/or (2) fell into the Tidal Basin. Both possibilities now warrant the city posting signs for something that is glaringly obvious to anyone with the gift of sight. Oh, that reminds me - please exercise caution with hot beverages.

Neat and tidy liberal spray-painting defacing city property. Theoretically put in place before last November's election.

The best part is "signs paid for by Georgetown University" at the very bottom. Hush up, now, all you crazy college kids, and please stop disturbing your very wealthy neighbors.

On a side note, tomorrow I welcome a Texas visitor in the form of Jenny P, fresh off a week of imparting her knowledge on impressionable young minds at Pdub's national tax training. SO excited that she'll be here for the weekend, and I can't wait to see her!!

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