Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fro yo & movie, yo

One of the local movie theaters in my hood, E Street Cinema, is part of the Landmark Theatre group, which I take as a very good sign given my love of the Magnolia in Dallas with its artsy, independent flicks and generally tasty, occasionally alcoholic, concession offerings. I do make it to the theater every once in a while to catch something that piques my interest before Netflix* brings it to me, and I'm even more inclined to take in a movie on a Tuesday night when you flash the words advance screening and free at me.

Previously I've relied on Trinity to throw the occasional free movie ticket my way (he wins everything, I swear), usually if his wife can't (ahem...doesn't want to...) make it. This time I was on my own, though, and through the good graces of the E Street Cinema Film Club, I actually won (!!) two free passes to an advance screening of Lymelife for last night. I figured any movie with the tagline "the American dream sucks" starring Alec Baldwin was worth a shot, so Dana and I made plans to walk over after work, grab a quick dinner, and line up for the viewing. Of course, when you work at PwC, the occasional explosion sneaks in and tosses aside your plans (as a note, explosions typically only occur on nights when you actually do have plans) I lost Dana for the evening and set out on my own. I did make some new indie movie friends while waiting in line and chillin in the theater before the show, and the movie was definitely entertaining. Plenty of humorous moments + some pretty serious undertones = laughing audience with a couple of gasp-worthy, if somewhat predictable, moments. Add it to your Netflix list. Oh, heck, you could even take it in at the theater.

You know what's on the way home from the movie theater and makes a nice treat on a relatively temperate Washington D.C. evening? Tangysweet! This is not the TCBY frozen yogurt of my youth or like any frozen yogurt I've ever really is both...tangy...and...sweet. And tastes like frozen...yogurt. Intriguing. A small classic + crushed waffle cone + blueberries set me back a tad more than the equivalent of my dinner (which, to be fair, was a Potbelly sandwich and not overly extravagant in any way), but everyone could use a tasty treat every once in a while. Mmmm.

* NetFlix history analyzer is a pretty cool tool. Not quite as cool as a spreadsheet, but still pretty cool. Do not click that link if you can't face the reality of how much you've spent on movie/TV show rentals over an extended period of time.


Addy's Daddy said...

I sincerely enjoy that almost every post on here at least alludes to food, if not having that be the most integral part of the story.

Erin said...

Ha, I do tend to go a little bit out of my way to work in the food angle. Me loves the food, yo.