Saturday, April 4, 2009

Peak bloom = peak crazy

Last weekend when I checked out the cherry blossom madness, I thought it was a little crazy, a little busy. Crowds milling about, moving along at the pace of the person in front of you, angling for some pretty water/blossom shots.

Round #2 this weekend with Dana...truly crazy. Parade + street festival + gorgeous weather (with some West Texas-like wind, though - dang, it was breezy!) = massive, massive crowds descending on Pennsylvania Avenue and the Tidal Basin area. In the spirit of festivals and culinary adventures, we really would have liked to hang out in the Japanese beer garden and enjoy some kind of rice-laden cuisine, but these lines were absurd.

We eventually muscled our way over to the waterfront and did what we could to snag some good pictures. Of course, everywhere you turn it's just absolutely beautiful, so snapping pictures really isn't a problem unless you're trying to get a good artsy shot of the Jefferson Memorial.

For what it's worth, the blossoms seemed a little more white this weekend and a little less pink. That's about as botanical-analytical I'm going to get for you. Here's a few more for the road:

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