Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Televison...possible intervention needed

I think DVR is an enabler.  I spend too many hours escaping reality and indulging in ridiculous TV shows because...I can watch everything more efficiently!!  That makes it ok...right? 

No, it's not ok.  I know it's not.  But at least I fast forward through commercials and the completely irrelevant parts of the shows that focus far too much on sequins and flab.  Which at least makes it a little bit better.

In the interest of full disclosure and possible self-humiliation, I'm going to share my entire list of series recordings.  Enjoy.
  1. 30 Rock (it's laugh out loud hilarious!  Liiiiiiz Leehhh-mooooooon!)
  2. No Reservations (unfortunately not new at the moment, but I'm kinda in love with Anthony Bourdain and all of the amazing places he visits AND all of the FOOD!)
  3. Top Chef (my money's on Kevin - I mean, he used bacon jam and pretty much won over my heart)
  4. Biggest Loser (some fast-forwarding involved here, especially since spunky Rebecca got the boot)
  5. Glee (I LOVE musicals and therefore LOVE this show, even if there are some cheesy plot holes.  I almost bought the soundtrack.  I am in LOVE with this show.  Apologies for the three uppercase loves.)
  6. The Office (Must See TV still exists!)
  7. Modern Family (loving it more every week - yay for funny new shows)
  8. Daily Show (dose of liberal)
  9. Colbert Report (dose of conservative)
  10. Iron Chef America (culinary showdown, baby)
  11. Barefoot Contessa (I pretty much want her kitchen and her job)
  12. Tyler's Ultimate (most of the savory ultimate recipes involve bacon - it has to be good)
  13. Dancing With the Stars (I can't help it - the sequins...shiny, shiny!...draw me in)
  14. Mad Men (WHY did Season 3 have to end?!?  I'm going through withdrawals on Sunday nights at 10 PM)
  15. Crossroads (I delete about 80% of these, but sometimes there's some pretty cool music)
  16. Project Runway (this season has been subpar, but I'm sticking with it - go back to NYC!!)
  17. Inside the Actors Studio (James Lipton is wacky, but if there's someone on I care to know a little bit more about, I'll tune in)
  18. Amazing Race (I kinda want to be on this show.  Or maybe I just want a whirlwind tour of the world...without the crazy challenges.)
  19. Community (funny...and then not so funny...and then funny again.  I can't decide if I'm keeping it or not)
  20. Survivor: Samoa (yes, yes, I've been a Survivor person this season, which I'm a little ashamed to admit.  But...the social dynamics are kinda fascinating this time around)
  21. How I Met Your Mother (I'm finally all caught up on this one and watching the current season!)
  22. Say Yes to the Dress (don't judge - it's amusing background noise, and can't a girl dream sometimes?)
  23. Next Iron Chef (it's filling the Sunday night void left behind by Mad Men)
  24. Julia/Jacques Cooking at Home (have you ever watched this?  Julia and Jacques are hilarious!!  I love how she orders him around)
I also have every episode of Planet Earth saved.  And some assorted movies, just in case.

Caveat - I do not watch all of those shows religiously.  Some sit on the DVR forever or hit their four-show save limit and cycle in and out.  But maybe I should get away from the TV and do a little bit more living.

Oh, wait!  Glee's on!


Carrie said...

Ooh, let's apply to be on the Amazing Race together! We can be the spunky girls from Texas!

Trinity said...

I can finally say someone watches more TV than I do. Keep Community. it has enough funny to watch.

Sarah said...

A big yes, yes, yes to 30 Rock, Glee and Project Runway! Some of my faves! And DVR is enabler...I never really used to watch any TV until it came around!

Erin said...

Carrie, let's totally ramp up what's left of our Texan accents and go for it!!

Trinity, I don't actually watch all of those - it's just what gets recorded. Although I do watch a lot of them...