Friday, November 13, 2009

Yay, it's Friday! Wait...the 13th?

Friday.  Oh, Friday.  TGIF has been part of our culture ever since man stepped foot in a cubicle, I would suspect.  I usually look forward to Friday with at least some degree of enthusiasm, even during busy season back in the day when you knew you were coming back into work on Saturday.  At least you could leave early on Friday, forget about work, and enjoy a real evening.

Did you realize today was Friday the 13th?  Superstitious, right?  The date didn't necessarily impress itself on me earlier in the day, but when I stop to reflect on the Friday I had...ok, nothing truly terrible happened, but it wasn't my most stellar Friday outing.
  • Didn't think to put on rain boots this morning because it wasn't actually raining when I leave the apartment.  Get caught in solid rain approximately halfway to the office and end up with chilled feet for a good part of the morning.  Also discover that right pants leg has decided to unhem itself and drag around on the wet sidewalk as I walk to work.  Lacking any proper tools, ghetto-fix pants him with tape upon arrival at office.
  • You know that rain?  Yeah, walked to lunch, took umbrella, got caught in gust that proceeded to soak lower half of pants.  You know the smell of wet dry cleaning?  It's not awesome.  And it stuck around for a decent portion of the afternoon.
  • Conference call with colleague from Switzerland.  Can understand approximately 60% of what he says (accent seems very French - is this a normal Swiss accent thing?  not sure), but can only truly comprehend (as in really understand and not feel entirely stupid about international tax) approximately 30%.  Blerg.
  • Receive request for a 4:30 Friday meeting.  Meetings should never be held on a Friday when they can run into the 5:00 hour.  Or maybe I'm just not overly committed to my job/entire career at the moment.  Oops.
  • After long week at work, decide to treat myself to well-deserved glass of wine while catching up on Thursday night shows (thank you, DVR).  Promptly knock over entire glass of (RED!!) wine, dousing chaise lounge and carpet with burgundy tidal wave and cascade of far-reaching droplets.  Have great hope for the chaise lounge due to powerful cleaner that has in the past removed both ink and Taco Bell hot sauce.  Not so sure about the carpet.  Currently attempting to work some kind of magic with baking soda paste.
  • Please refer to refrigerator incident, which didn't actually happen today on Friday the 13th, but the aftereffects of Operation Defrost 2009 mean that there is no awesome cheese in the refrigerator that could likely console me after the aforementioned red wine event.  Ok, I won't look to food for comfort.  Or maybe I will...
There's currently an apple cinnamon buttermilk cake in the oven (thanks for the recipe, Carolyn!), and I'm just hoping that works out.  Given today's events, I'm obsessively checking it to make sure I don't overbake.  I mean, there's no cheese around, so baked goods it is.  I'm certain a slice of that cake will bring a positive end to a less than perfect Friday.  Oven's beeping!


Sarah said...

Oh dear...that does sound like quite the Friday! My mom swears by Oxy Clean for the red'll have to let me know how the cake turns out!

Kami said...

I swear by Wine Away! I found it at Bed Bath and Beyond...

Harry must have been looking down on you all night from the scent of wine :)

Erin said...

Thanks, girls! Woolite Oxy Deep appears to be working minor miracles at the moment - fingers crossed. And yes, Harry judges me for drinking. It's quite hilarious when his little (ummm...big) face wrinkles up at the scent of wine.

The cake was delicious!! And equally tasty for breakfast this morning. =) I highly recommend, especially since it doesn't make an absurdly large cake. Quite the right size for one person to work her way through in a reasonable amount of time.