Monday, November 25, 2013

You're breaking my heart, Raider boys...

Kinda fell off the blogging bandwagon for a week or so, didn't I?  Ok, so this version of NaBloPoMo didn't quite go according to plan, but here's to knocking out a few more posts over the next week.  I'll try to at least put up pie pictures.

Last weekend we turned stereotypical football adventures upside down when the girls went to the football game and the boys stayed at home.  What the what?!?  Don't worry, the guys had plenty of meat products and choice beverages to get them through the afternoon and evening, so I'm not too worried about them - unless there was some kind of secret spa outing that I know nothing about.  

We left the menfolk at home to tend to the toddlers, and Diana, Jen, and I headed out to the behemoth known as Cowboys Stadium (or AT&T Stadium for those of you keeping track of the dollars) to cheer on our Red Raiders as they took on the Baylor Bears.  Remember when this game used to be a guaranteed victory?  And not just that, but a lopsided victory and a chance for the third string to get out there and play a little bit?  Well, those days are long gone and Baylor is actually good.  Yeeps.  So this time around we were really just hoping that our guys would make a game of it and maybe, just maybe turn it into a good thing.

Well, I should have taken a picture of our faces in the first quarter when we were up 14-0 and believed that the Raider boys might actually have a chance to pull this one off...because it was pretty much all downhill after that as we handed them touchdowns and didn't really play defense.  Sigh.  Even with the smackdown, still a good time with my football girls and fellow Red Raider faithful.  If they can't hack it this Thursday against the Longhorns, at least I'll be able to just give in to my Thanksgiving food coma and forget all about it.

Everything is SO. BIG.
The massive jumbotron (apparently "video board" is the correct terminology) in all of its ridiculous glory


Belinda said...

Baylor Bear fans got a taste of our own medicine in Stillwater this weekend. It was SO tough to see my Baylor Bears play (or not-play?) in person in 29 degree weather in the opposing stadium.

But still love football :)

Erin said...

It's a tough job, being a dedicated fan!! Poor Bears last weekend. :( But you're right - still love football!