Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Man down!

So, probably best to limit the number of items you're juggling while making the precious walk from car to kitchen counter after fighting traffic for almost an hour and then arriving home to a dog, crazed from the chill in the air, spinning in wild circles.  Almost there, almost there...oh, dang, I dropped one thing on the cold, heartless, unforgiving ceramic tile.  Hmmm, what was it...oh, my phone!  No big whoop, that's what the case is for.  Oh, say what, now?  The case didn't actually stop the screen from cracking and the LCD crapping out so that now all I see are some sad lines amid a sea of black sorrow and nothingness?  Fudgeballs.

In the interest of not spending $600+ on a new phone when I've had this one all of three months, I'm attempting to find a local phone doctor who can work some magic and bring this little guy back to life.  I don't know anything about how to fix this, but the Internet is full of magical knowledge that tells me this is totally fixable and will theoretically cost about $250.  We'll see how it really goes...

Say a little prayer for the phone, guys.  It's not time for it to go to phone heaven yet.

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