Saturday, November 2, 2013

Woooooah, we're halfway there! Woooah-OH!

A couple of weeks ago, as I was preparing to enjoy a well-deserved freebie day off after the busy season ridiculousness, I woke up to a cryptic note from the husband telling me to be at Meddlesome Moth at 5:45 (ummm, ok, we had talked about going to dinner, but why are we dining at early bird special hour?), feed the dog before I left (so we're going to be gone for a little while...), and wear comfortable shoes.  I followed up the shoe guidance with a "could my shoes get dirty?" question, which was answered with a I really had no idea what I was in for.

Show up for dinner and Carolyn and Allen are there, too - hooray, friends, I like this surprise!  And they're totally dressed normally with their comfortable shoes, so I'm not too worried about things.  Sit down, order drinks, and then Craig somewhat unceremoniously presents me with four pieces of paper.  Ooohh, are these tickets?!?  Lion King is going on tonight at Fair Park!  What, it's not Lion King?  I'm sorry that was my first Craig just sighs and shakes his head.  Actually, I had mentioned months ago "oh, Bon Jovi's coming to the AAC!  That could be kinda fun..." and then didn't think twice about it.  Guess who was paying attention?  That's right, kids, all four of us are going to go rock out to Bon Jovi tonight!  Happy birthday to me!  Enjoy some semi-pathetic phone pics of Bon Jovi dashing by and the band doing what it does.  It was awesome.

Because he's ridiculous, Husband also surprised me with a cool new computer as an additional birthaversary present (birthday 10/31 + anniversary 11/5 = birthaversary awesomeness!) - it took a million years to transfer all my files from the old computer, mostly because I have eleventy bajillion pictures.

Also, this whole Windows 8 and touch screen situation?  It's SO confusing and frustrating and I think I'm actually going to have to sit down and read about it so I can actually figure out how to close things.  But give me a week or so and I bet I think it's really cool.

You rock, husband.

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