Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolutions schmezolutions

Oh, January 2, 2011.  When I was apparently filled with great resolve and optimism.  Exactly one year later, let's just see how things turned out on the whole "here are my resolutions!" front...
  • Lose 25 pounds in 10 months.  FAIL.  I actually gained weight this year, quite the opposite of every other bride out there who manages to shrink herself for the big wedding day.  Anyone remember Weight Loss Challenge?  Yeah, that didn't exactly pan out the way either one of us intended.  Oops.  I continue to blame love...I wonder how long I can get away with that...
  • Hit 100 blog posts in 2011.  FAIL.  I couldn't even squeak out half that many.  49.  That's all.  But you know what?  In the middle of all the life insanity, the blog didn't completely die.  And I'm pretty dang happy about that.  Live on, blog!  And maybe in 2012 I can pick up NaBloPoMo again since November 2011 was just a teensy bit crazy.
  • Read at least 30 books for pleasure.  WIN.  32, actually.  Same as last year.  Phew.  Needed to throw a win in there.
  • Start volunteering on at least a monthly basis.  FAIL.  Selfish year for me.
  • Maintain sanity during wedding planning.  WIN.  AND FAIL.  I definitely had my moments along the way, some of which only my dear husband was witness to and I can therefore deny deny deny, but I think I did a decent job of remembering what the day was about - marrying Craig, not obsessing over tiny details that no one notices anyway.  Hey, and we're still married two months later and well on our way to outlasting that Kardashian business.
This year's resolution?  Not to make any resolutions.  I'm guessing that 2012 is going to be a little bonkers, too, what with the end of the world coming and all, so I'm just going to take it as it comes.
I'll just try to adopt Zach's happy-go-lucky attitude a little bit more...after all, he's (apparently) adopted some Texan attributes.  Smart puppy, learning how to say "y'all" - he's a winner.


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