Saturday, January 14, 2012

Packing is for the birds

I've been truly spoiled with the amazing corporate move the last two times I've shuttled my stuff from home to home.  I just pack a bag for myself, handle the kitty (not a small feat, I might add, but still...), and let them do their thing.  It's SO amazing.  And SO expensive it would make your eyeballs pop out of your head if you ever wanted to actually pay for it.  Yeeps.

And yes, that's right - it's finally time to move into that beautiful house we bought a few months ago.  Hooray!!

So this time around, with a whole houseload of stuff that needs to move from one house to another, we're doing a lot of the heavy lifting.  Not the REALLY heavy lifting - that's what movers are for.  But I have to pack my own boxes now.  Oh, poor spoiled Erin.  And the dear animals are so confused - I think they're afraid they're going to be forgotten unless they jump into boxes as well.  It's ok, fur babies, we've got you!

But at least as of this afternoon, we have bare cabinets and a whole kitchen's worth of stuff allllll boxed up...

...and aren't friends wonderful??  Major, major props to Kami and Carolyn for a Saturday afternoon kitchen packing extravaganza.  I mean, I have a lot of stuff.  And Craig has a lot of stuff.  And so there's a lot of stuff.  And we both love to cook, so there is a LOT lot lot of kitchen stuff.  Much of it breakable and frah-gee-lay.  And these gals papered and wrapped and taped and organized and make it happen.  Love them.  Can't thank them enough.

We have an army of book boxes lining the living room.  Scattered packed things here and there.  And still quite a bit to go, which Craig delights in informing me is mostly mine.  I can handle it.  I have until Friday morning to make it all happen.  Yeeps again...

Can't wait to make you our own, lovely new home.  See you soon.

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