Monday, March 9, 2009

So that's where they put them

You know how people want to do demonstrations at the White House? Make bold political statements and all? I mean, if you're trying to make a point to Mr. President, your message comes out a lot stronger when you're at his home. Anyone who's strolled in front of the White House before might not have noticed the lack of their presence, but these people exercising their "freedom of speech" rights aren't exactly making a big display at the front of the White House. Pennsylvania Avenue is reserved solely for some security officers in the street and hordes of tourists who want their picture taken with those famous columns. The demonstrators aren't visible there because....our nation's leaders have seen it fitting to assign them posts at the back of the White House. Here's the can-can girls:

I say "can-can" because they were dressed up like can-can dancers, complete with feather boas and heels, handing out bright pink flyers sporting the slogan "yes we can-can stop the war!!" while twirling around on the sidewalk. I give them props for their enthusiasm.

There was also a rather old man with a rather odd large sign containing indecipherable script...who was singing rather loudly...with bits of English and perhaps gibberish thrown in. I opted not to go for a picture of that one since I had no idea what kind of statement he was trying to make. And also because I was maybe a little bit freaked out.

We also have tent lady demanding peace. She's been stationed out there for quite a while and has a pretty decent set-up:

I think I'll head back periodically to see what kind of statements people are making. Just a guess that the statement-makers might pick up once summer tourist season rolls around. If we get another snowstorm, I'll go see just how many enthusiasts brave the slushy mess.

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