Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bracket mania

The whole world's gone bracket bananas!! Ok, not the whole world, but you can be certain that productivity levels for America's remaining employed citizens took a bit of a nosedive today, to be continued tomorrow. I adore the NCAA tournament, even if my move to DC does mean that regional CBS coverage here gives American University precedence over any Bix XII team. Just one pool entry for me this year, and I never expect to win, but it's always fun to keep up with the games and root for the underdog, even if it blows your bracket to bits.

A couple of websites I check fairly regularly also seem to have caught bracket fever, or at least provided handy links to other websites with symptoms of the disease. I present for your entertainment/amusement/disbelief:

  1. Which meat deserves the title? Divided into regions of red meat, poultry, seafood, and pork, 32 meat products battle it out for the title of...well...greatest meat. I'm amused and also putting down some early money on bacon. Come on, what else would have my support?

  2. Following off the meat vibe introduced in #1, Washingtonian magazine is putting together its own burger bracket to find the best hamburger in DC. I look forward to working my way through the city in this way as well. Hmmm, maybe I should do that with a lot of, ice cream, Chinese, Tex-Mex (if there were more options!!), cupcakes...stayed tuned for Erin's Food Bracket Challenges.

  3. And just to toss in something not related to food (or more specifically, MEAT!), Mental Floss is throwing its own Tournament of Genius into the mix. I mean, who else is going to have a first round matchup featuring #2 seed Ben Franklin, genius and innovator extraordinaire, against #15 seed Pat and Harry Olivieri, creators of the Philly cheesesteak? Haha, I did bring it back to meat! Go vote in this one, or at least go flip through it - good for a laugh while also potentially thought-provoking.
Tomorrow = more score checking, bracket highlighting, etc. going on...and yes, I'll be at work. Saturday = basketball, beer, and good times with new friends at a local bar. All day. You have to take March Madness seriously.


Trinity said...

This is so bad that I even have 2 brackets set up and am following it. More for the fun of seeing how lucky my guessing can be.

Erin said...

It's usually your kind that end up winning the office pool.

J. Gajderowicz said...

Geno's ( ) vs. Pat's ( )!!

You'll have to see these two places if you ever go to Philadelphia. Right across the street from each other. However, and I realize I'm putting myself right on like fifty tough Philadelphia guys' hit list by saying this, but Jim's Steaks is by far the best.

Erin said...

Neither Geno's NOR Pat's?? You're a brave man!