Monday, March 2, 2009

Let it snow

This morning, my eyes popped open when my alarm went off, and I gleefully rose from bed. At 6:45. On a Monday morning. Ponder that for a moment. Have you recovered from the shock? Yes? Ok, I'll continue with my tale. You know that giddy feeling you get when you think something kinda wonderful is about to happen? Not quite the "oh my gosh, I think I could win a million dollars on that next lotto ball!!" feeling but a little bit better than "ooh, maybe we're having chocolate cake for dessert!" - we're talking that kind of feeling, the one that can be brought on by....a potential snow day. I would be pleased to work from home in my pjs, thank you very much! I went to sleep Sunday night with predictions from the weather people of 6-8" of snow and the sight of snow flurries drifting down from the sky. Could it be??

Well, we got the snow, but not quite enough to convince the federal government to shut down offices for the day. Since good ol' Pdub follows government policy rather than the more rational minds that lead pretty much every school district in the area, "delayed arrival" it is! I threw on those warm, furry boots (they're cuter than they sound, I promise!) that were made for just such a day and traipsed off to work in the swirling snow. Really, it wasn't too bad. Just slow going to make sure I didn't bust it in the middle of the street, and I personally find snow much more pleasant to travel in than other forms of precipitation. There's something peaceful about it as long as it's not smacking you in the face too hard.

DC is a place that's prepared for snow. We have the snow routes (get your car out the street or they'll tow it away!) and seemingly massive armies of people/machines that are tasked with getting rid of the snow. Well, not really getting rid of it, but just shoving it out of the way. Oh, I didn't realize that ice-melty stuff they spread over sidewalks comes in different colors! This morning I passed by and crunched over brilliant displays of pink, green, and blue in aforementioned boots. Who knew?

I was going to snap some pictures of pretty snow scenes on my walk home from work, but by tonight most of the snow had been shoved into nasty piles and lost some of its beauty. Good thing I stuck my camera out the balcony door this morning! Please see below for National Building Museum, balcony ledge, and the corner of 5th & G with some snow action going on.

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