Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm definitely doing that "nesting" thing

I'm feeling pretty super pregnant these days...

...and am most certainly deep into this nesting business. I think my nesting instinct was somewhat hampered by this "busy season" thing that keeps taking over my life, mainly because I literally didn't have time to do anything, so I'm afraid now I've entered an extreme phase that's frightening Craig and the animals.  See the army of tiny clothes - probably should have left tags on some of those guys since Holden will likely not make his way through alllll of the clothes, and then a sane person could have exchanged them for different sizes.  But I NEEDED to wash them and dry them and hang them in perfect order.  I NEEDED TO.  Oh boy.

And then there's the baking...

Baking double batches of banana AND strawberry bread definitely counts as nesting.  And now we have wrapped mini-loaves hanging out in the freezer, all ready for us. least we have some frozen breakfast?  Because it's quite possible I might not actually make anything else.
And Harrison's favorite part of nesting - the warm clean clothes from my need to stay way on top of any laundry situation.

This week's winner of the "least helpful" award in nesting assistance - Harrison and his idea of helping with laundry.  Laying on warm things and pressing wrinkles IN while adding a light dusting of cat fur is NOT helping, Harry.  And yes, those are more tiny clothes that got added to the army of tiny clothes...they didn't get washed in the first batch and it was bothering me, imagine that.
More updates and ramblings on the baby front...

I'm pretty much over it at work.  Yes, there are plenty of things I can still get done, but since I'm just tired and super pregnant, I'd kinda rather be at home chilling on my couch.  A teeny part of me wishes I had stayed at Pdub just for the maternity leave.  If that were the case, Friday would be my last day of work...must not think about that and should probably focus on actually getting some more things done.  Also, I have this irrational fear that my water's going to break while I'm at work. Or maybe it's not irrational.  It could just be really gross, y'all.

I'm trying to squeeze in so many things in these last few weeks - lunches and dinners with friends, husband, or just myself (I took myself to lunch at La Madeleine yesterday and ate quiche and read my non-baby book - it was blissful); attempting to throw things in the freezer that will sustain us over the summer when I may or may not have actual time to cook; making things perfect that don't really need to be perfect at all but I'm anal and crazy; absorbing information so I feel "prepared" for this thing I don't think you can really be prepared for.  And any of these things that require any movement are just a little difficult because I'm ginormous. Bah.

I think I need to chill out.  I'm certain Craig would agree with this.

Oh, and I wear things in pregnancy that I never wore in my non-pregnant life - things like leggings and maxi skirts. I wonder if any of these style choices will stick.

My weight gain has been very on track for what it needed to be (minor victory!), which means I'm kinda just going for it in these last few the extent I actually have room in my stomach since Holden's commandeering a lot of the midsection space these days.  Milkshakes are my current drug of choice.  And Craig picked up three more pints of Ben & Jerry's this weekend...

To aid in the nesting, we now have a GIANT freezer AND a fridge/freezer combo in the garage...a little too much storage space for right now, but I'm imagining it'll come in handy for a ton of things. Right now it holds the aforementioned banana and strawberry bread, ice cream, and the ice cream mixer attachment.  And probably some beer for Craig.  So basically we're set on ice cream.

And to close...remember how I was adamant that we talk about something other than the baby? I've pretty much gone to nothing but baby on the blog, haven't I?  HYPOCRISY!!

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