Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Packing for a trip where you come home WITH AN EXTRA PERSON

And not just an extra person, but one whose clothing size you don't know.  Does he need an adorable newborn onesie to come home in, or should I throw the three month version in there in case he's a whopper?  WHO ARE YOU, TINY PERSON?!?  This is fascinating, terrifying, and exciting all rolled into one.

In case you couldn't tell, I packed a hospital bag...or as much as I could pack with a big note stuck on top reminding me to grab all the things I'm still using that can't really hang out in a bag for an undetermined amount of time.  Just one more thing in a string of "ok, this makes is very REAL" moments that seem to keep occurring...every day.  Yeeps!  But Holden has a place to sleep and diapers and clothes and food (well, theoretically my body's working on that - science and nature at work, y'all, it's for real! - but we have some backup formula on hand just in case), so really we're ready to go.  Or at least we appear to be ready to go.  There's this whole mental/emotional component that is NOT covered by giant boxes of diapers and wipes.

Just look how super pregnant I am!!  Ahhhhh!
We've made really good progress on the nursery and the organizing of all the things - I'll give you a real post on that, but for now let me share an army of tiny clothes...

Washing all of the clothes and organizing his closet made me really, really happy.  Sometimes strange things (excessive organization!) make me happy.
In other baby-related belly button hasn't really popped out (yet), which gives me great joy.  There's just something about that belly button POP happening to my own body that was weirding me out.  Although it is kinda weirding me out that my belly button is just stretching...crazy town.

Also, a note for my husband - when I share my stretch marks with you, "ewwww" is not the appropriate response, even if quickly followed by "I'm kidding!" - come on, husband, you're dealing with an emotionally wrought and extremely pregnant wife.

Early on in the pregnancy I was T-I-R-E-D, and I'm sad to report that I'm pretty much back to a very tired state.  Tiny things are exhausting, so how am I supposed to summon the energy to push a human out of my body??  Adrenaline and drugs kick in for that part, right?  Still waking up in the night (training for the parenting job to come!), although last night I'm not sure if it was kicks from Holden or my extremely vivid "being chased by dinosaurs" dream that woke me up.  Yes, dinosaurs.  Who knows where that came from...

Tomorrow is May.  I'm supposed to have a baby in May.  Eeeeekkk!!


Darcy said...

A tiny army of clothes - how fun!

And it is May now. Double Eeeekk!!! Can't wait to see him!

Stephanie said...

it's officially your due date month now!! Eeks!!

As for the home from hospital outfit, I wouldn't worry about it too much...I brought Reese a cute 0-3 month outfit, only to have a peanut who was swimming in it. Pics were still cute and its still a day that forever changes your life1

Erin said...

Super eeekkks all the way around!! Thanks for the advice on clothes, Steph - I'm overthinking everything, of course!