Saturday, May 24, 2014

Operation Nursery...complete!

It's definitely been a work in progress, but now we finally have what is probably the only "complete" room in our home.  Holden, I hope you like it!

He really does have an army of puppies in there!  Quilt by my wonderful mommy, crib skirt by me, puppy prints from Etsy, crib from Pottery Barn Kids, crazy wall camera to watch him sleep installed by Craig.
All ready for changing!  Dresser and mirror are from Ikea, and random assorted things are from random assorted places.
The giant alphabet wall!  Alphabet decals are from Etsy, chair from Buy Buy Baby, storage ottoman from Target.  Learn your letters, Holden.
The tiny clothes await!  Itty-bitty plaid shorts, I die at the cuteness.
Lots and lots and lots of tiny clothes...and diapers and toys and books.  Thank goodness for plenty of storage space.
Cute things on shelves, yeah yeah!
Alllllll ready for lots and lots of reading, courtesy of wonderful friends building his library at the baby shower.  Yes, we probably need an actual bookcase or something, but for now a basket on the floor works for me.
All ready for you, Holden!  Curtains by me
See, we at least appear to be ready for a baby...
I love the "little man" banners from the baby shower, so they're on the wall now!
Here's your cozy place, Holden.
The puppies are waiting!


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The nursery looks so great! Come on Holden!!! So many people want to see your cute face. And mommy wants to hold you in her arms :)