Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm not sure who first decided to eat these things...

I actually didn't have to work this weekend, which was really a pleasant surprise after optimistically purchasing tickets a month ago to the annual LSU alumni crawfish boil* set for last Saturday.  I hoped I would be able to make it, knowing that I might not (the plight of a CPA in April), and ended up spending a gorgeous Saturday afternoon with friends and food instead of at my desk.  Chalk up one in the win column.

*aren't you a Red Raider, they say?  Yes, yes I am, but some of my favorite people happen to be Tigers, and I'm more than happy to throw a little support their way in the name of beer and crawfish.  Eat on.

Attack!  Don't worry, I traded my corn to Craig for his potato - that's what love is all about
After doing this crawfish business on our own last year at Jen & Mike's house (which I never told you about, pretend I did - ohhh, instant blog catch-up technique!), we opted for the far easier and more cost-efficient method of throwing some money at the LSU crowd and letting them take care of the details.  The delicious, delicious details, including Abita on "draft" (you know, a cooler/tap situation, which worked out just fine) and a lively crowd, surely debating highly important topics over discarded crawfish bodies.

I think Craig won the prize for the biggest, scariest weird thing we ripped apart and ate
Fun-filled Saturday afternoon, other than the traffic wah-wah on the way home (when will 635 ever not be a giant disaster area?!?), especially when it included deep-fried dough with a healthy coating of powdered sugar.

I think Gracie might like beignets almost as much as I do - look at the powdered sugar joy face
Not a bad way at all to finish up a spring busy season that was just a little busier than I might have liked.  Hmmm, these client service gigs...hey, but I have a FREE DAY OFF tomorrow ("free" as in "hey, you've worked ridiculous amounts of overtime in the last month, so SURE, take the day after 4/15 and go do things like laundry that you haven't had time to do"), which I have really big plans for.  However, the #1 thing on the really big plan list is "majorly sleep in," so that could have a pretty big impact on how the rest of the day goes.

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