Sunday, April 8, 2012

At the end of a long day...

...I baked a pie.

Lemon meringue, to be specific.  And while a normal person might come home from a a full day at the office on a Saturday and fall into bed ( normal people work full days at an office on Saturday?  Oh, busy season, you are about to be the end of me...and I haven't even finished doing our taxes yet...hmmmm), I baked a pie.  And it was awesome.  I took a deep breath and relaxed and did something I love to do.

I did have a reason for baking the pie - it's a little dangerous to just BAKE A PIE and leave it in this house.  Because I would eat the whole thing.  But this thing is going to Easter lunch.  Vaughn home.  I hope the filling sets up - I experimented with a new recipe.  And if it doesn't, then we suddenly have lemon pudding with a meringue topping and bits o' crust sprinkled about.  Which works just fine for me.


Belinda said...

Looks delicious :) Hang in there friend, busy season will be over soon.

Diana said...

It was delicious! Thank you so much for bringing it over for Easter lunch. We were so glad you could join us!