Saturday, June 2, 2012

Vrooooom zoom whoom!

Hiiiiiiiii.  How do I even begin to catch up?  What with Life Whirlwind Extravaganza 2012 going on (formal title to just mean I've been BUSY), the blog has fallen by the wayside, and that just makes me sad because I'd love to capture all of the little details of this part of my life and preserve them while I actually remember them.  Also, you know how many pictures I've taken in the last six months?  Not NEARLY enough.  Still way too many by Craig's standards, but not nearly enough for me.

Let's just start somewhere then, ok?  Somewhere like two months ago when, after many weekends of test-driving and over-analyzing, WE. BOUGHT. A. NEW. CAR.  Eeeeeeeee!!  After twelve solid years and 100,000 miles (finally!) with the trusty CR-V...

Yes, I nerdily took pictures as it flipped from 99,999 to 100,000 - don't worry, I was coasting very slowly through an empty parking lot in Deep Ellum.  Ok, maybe you should worry about that...
...we still have the CR-V!  We opted to let go of the car that still had payments, and Craig's kinda hopped on the SUV bandwagon anyway now that we live in the land of giant monster vehicles - I think he felt teeny tiny on the highways in the BMW.  But don't worry, I gave it a big hug before we let it go.

I manage to get remarkably attached to inanimate objects.
And here's the new baby!!

It's a Ford Edge, and I'm in love.  There are now armrests for both driver AND passenger.  I can TALK to my car and she understands me (sometimes).  It still smells good.  It has a really cool touchscreen and tells me what song is on the radio and it's just lovely.  Given that I probably won't get another new car for a decade, I'm really embracing the moment here.  Also, a MASSIVE sunroof and really cool ambient lighting.  And fancy leather seats.  Sigh.

Oh, and guess what?  I managed to put a pretty good scrape on the front bumper after being in the car for approximately ten seconds.  It's just now starting to be funny.  All fixed now.  Oh, and guess what else?  A devious little rock decided to make friends with the windshield last weekend, and there is a nasty crack snaking its way across, so...getting that fixed this afternoon.  Let's hope this doesn't continue to be a spend-$500-on-the-car-every-month-because-something-goes-wonky adventure.  Yipes.

I still love it.


Belinda said...

Love your new car and the fact that you're blogging again :) Missed you yesterday friend! I'll be back in Dallas soon enough though so that we can catch up. And I want to see that house of yours :)

Erin said...

Yay, thank you! I'm so sorry I missed you yesterday, but I know you'll be back soon - you're welcome at Casa Pendarvii absolutely anytime. =)