Monday, June 4, 2012

The babies turned one!! You know, months and months ago...

So my awesome friends have these really cute babies that graced us with their presence in the fall/winter of 2010, and this was originally intended to talk about celebrating all of their first birthdays...yeah, so those babies are now closer to two than one, but I'd already put cute pictures in a draft post so I'm just going to go with it.  Adorable is always timely.

Gracie's party!!  Diana let me decorate cupcakes because it makes me so happy. =) And Gracie, you just rock.

So full of cuteness AND deliciousness!!  Adorable little fabric flags = Pinterest inspiration.  Obsessed.
The sweet birthday girl and her momma
Allllll the kiddos - trust me, this was really the best we could do at containing them for a picture.
The backyard is definitely the best place to have cake explosion adventures.  Especially when Trinity is involved.
Ahhhh, that milk tastes goooooooooood
The return of THE BOOK.  The reaction was priceless.
And yeah, Taylor is waaaaaaay past one, too, but I made her some cute stuff and wanted to show you.  I'm so behind it's not even funny.  We're making this happen.

Cutesy clothes, both for now and for later
Pink and green girl fest extravaganza!!  I did animal appliques onto onesies and a little jacket, then some fabric flowers on onesies.  It was too much fun.
Birthday girl and her momma, showing off those walking moves
Make a wish!
Sweet baby Rhett is way past one, too!  AND now he lives all the way back in the motherland of Louisiana, and I miss his little antics, but it's kinda nice to remember him in this tinier state.

Sweet baby and his momma chillaxin at Taylor's par-tay
Every little boy needs a pirate bag, right?  Absolutely.  So I made him one.
And he could probably also use a stuffed turtle.  Which was just easy and fun to make.  So cute!
And a tie for when he needs to dress up. =)
While these babies were busy turning one, two BRAND NEW AWESOME BABIES also came around - yay for the no longer quite as new new additions to the Stewart and Holmes families!!  Reese Elizabeth Stewart made her way into the world on November 16, followed shortly by Mr. Liam Rex Holmes on November 22.  These two new mommies are two of the most wonderful people I met while doing that DC thing, and I'm so, so happy for both of them.  Yay for cute babies!

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