Sunday, May 8, 2011

Getting married is extra fun when you have awesome friends who throw you fun parties

Also, longest blog post title EVER, but I really couldn't scale that one down.  It had to cover all the bases.

There's something to be said for running off to a beach and just getting married and not doing all the "stuff" that comes along with a wedding, but...I'm really enjoying this time with friends, celebrating and anticipating the biggest party we'll ever throw...I mean, when else do you hire a DJ?? wedding day festivities.  It's fun!!  Fun now that we have a lot of things planned and I'm not worrying about where to have this shindig - now I'm getting to do cool things like learn what craspedia are and how freaking cute they're going to be come November 5th.  Provided that florist proposal works with the budget.  Hmmmm...

Anyway, back to the partying!  Last weekend the Broussards and Petersons threw us a lovely bash - with a "sweet beginnings" them and desserts as far as the eye could see!  Do they know me or what?  I'm so, so glad that so many of our friends could come out for the afternoon and celebrate.  Enjoy some photo love. 

We believe in party guests of every age...especially when they're as adorable as babies Taylor and Rhett.  Could it be baby love??

Amazing cupcakes!!  There was this Almond Joy creation...oh my, we might need those again for the wedding.  Also, Jenny, that is a lovely tablecloth! =)

Rich, rich chocolate truffles (oh yum!) get a big thumbs-up from Diana

There were plenty of friends with smiling faces...

...and new friends with faces that weren't so smiling from time to time, but you know he still loved hanging out at the party with his sweet mom and dad.
Yes, there's also something to be said for that beach, but there's also something to be said for this - good times with great friends.  And there will be many, many more to come.

Check out my shots from the day's festivites here, and I'm going to track down some winners from Jenny's camera, too.  We're a fun bunch.


Belinda said...

Goodness, this is when I really miss Dallas :) We might have to do some wedding celebrating at the lake in June Miss Bride-to-Be :)

Love you and SO glad you're enjoying the fun parts of wedding planning. And yes, it will be the biggest party of your life!!!

Erin said...

And we really miss you!! I'm so glad I'll get to see you soon, though - only a month to go! Love you, Bel. =)