Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend update

- Hired a wedding coordinator/planner.  This did great, great things for my sanity.  Did you know planning a wedding takes a lot of work and time?  It's kinda remarkable.
- Met Molly and Robert in Ft. Worth for a great dinner at Los Vaqueros and an awesome, Texas-tastic concert at Billy Bob's - Wade Bowen!!  I love this man.  God bless Texas country music.

Not the greatest picture, but it's a man with a guitar...what more do you need to know?
- Made vanilla bean panna cotta with strawberries in red wine syrup as a dessert contribution for carb-loading dinner at Kami's for the race day girls.  So, SO great to spend some quality time with these good people.
- Speaking of race day girls, cheered on Kami and Belinda as they totally kicked butt in the Dallas Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon.  Way to go, ladies!!  I'm really proud of you for attacking this the way you did and finishing strong.  Also, thanks for a reason to go to Cafe Brazil and eat one my favorite things...chilaquiles!!

Oh, by the way, my roommate gets into town tomorrow.  My roommate/fiancé/"the boy" and his giant dog.  Harrison and I are both EXCITED and and a little freaked out.  Actually, Harrison has no idea what's really about to happen.  But I've tried to warn him.  And I can't wait for Craig to be here.


Trinity said...

So, how's that diet going?

Erin said...

Everything in moderation, sir.