Sunday, March 20, 2011

Party on the patio

It's here.  Spring.  Dallas has been hit with a stretch of gorgeous 80-something-degree days, and we're soaking up all the patio time that deserves.

Preferred spot?  Deck in my very own backyard.  Although it's lacking the friendly waitstaff that refresh your water glass and bring you tasty things to eat.  Harrison also sits at the glass door and meows at me to come back in.  Poor little guy.  Still weird being in an actual house.

Patrizio's.  I always feel poor over in that privileged part of town, but I can certainly afford a baby bellini and plate of pasta to buy some time on that pretty patio with my dear Sarah.  Plus Anthropologie is right there and perfect for post-dinner wandering and dreaming.

Dashing out of work at 4:45 to meet friends at Times Ten, where we proceeded to hang out on the patio for the next four hours while sipping a lovely sauvignon blanc (it's white wine season!) and enjoying pizza from Scalini's.  I love that they deliver to that patio.  It's the perfefct combination.

Common Table for brunch.  The sky threatened us with a few clouds, but then it cleared out and was just lovely.  Any Sunday is better with mimosas and something that's been Benedict-ed.

Although any Sunday is not better with a SUNBURN.  I met Kami and Carolyn this morning for brunch at Taverna, which was delicious and wonderful in every way as we enjoyed the patio and people-watching and catching up on life, but I had my back to the sun.  My delicate Casper-like skin shrieked in horror and promptly turned a rather bright pink.  It's only MARCH, for crying out loud.  Guess I'd better go ahead and bust out my SPF 80 for daily outings.  It's kinda frightening what can happen to my skin with an hour of sunlight.

I feel like this kinda became an advertisement for various Dallas establishments with patios...but DC deprived me of patio time.  First of all, the weather is generally not this cooperative there this time of year, and patio space = valuable real estate = minimal patio space.  And I loved my rooftop time, but it's just not quite the same.  Good to be back in patio land.


Belinda said...

I cannot wait to see you! Muah!

Erin said...

I'm so excited that you'll be here next weekend!!!