Friday, August 13, 2010

A big bash for a little Peanut

Continue the partying!! This time, though...a little more tame with a lot more "awww, isn't that cute!" moments. Baby shower time for Diana!  We got together at Mary Alyce's lovely home to celebrate the impending arrival of little Peanut Vaughn (who will actually be know as Grace or Paul...get the whole Peanut story here*)...

P is for Peanut - with honey-roasted peanuts - gah, it's tooooo cute!

...with really important accessories like...sangria for the not-with-child in the group, and really amazing and incredibly adorable baby bootie petit fours from Society Bakery that were some of the most ridiculously delicious sugar bombs I've ever consumed.

Oh, I've gotten all caught up in the food again, haven't I?  Well, don't worry - we also played some intense baby-themed games...

...and spent plenty of time oohing and aahing the mommy-to-be as she worked her way through a rather substantial pile of gifts...

...which included an impressively constructed diaper cake.  I also love that we got books to go with the gifts rather than cards - by writing a sweet message in each one, little Peanut has a good start on a very customized library. 

If you'd like to see Diana opening a lot of cute gifts, check out my Picasa album.  Oh, and why are tiny things so adorable?

So, so very glad I could spend the weekend in Dallas with some of my closest friends and share some very special memories.  New positions at work, new families getting ready for their addition, and some not-so-new friendships that will really stand the test of time.

Oh, yeah, and after the festivities we changed and hopped into the pool for a while.  It's really the only way to beat that summer Dallas heat.  Now THAT is a baby shower.

* I applaud these wonderful people for waiting on life's ultimate surprise and not finding out whether they're having a boy or a girl...but I don't know if I could do it.  Have you met me?  I'm kinda an excessive planner.  And that Diana...she's an accountant, too.  I'm very, very impressed by this.

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