Friday, August 13, 2010

And the party never ends

Well, actually, I suppose the party does end when you pass out on the couch around 11:00, but when the party started at a 7:30 breakfast, that's really not a bad day.  Especially if you have another party to get to around noon the next day.  Phew.

What's the cause of all this partying?  Oh, just a little thing at Pdub we like to call "you've busted your butt for xxx years and finally reached a milestone, so we'll celebrate this occasion with a promotion day celebration" and maybe another little thing that involves two very wonderful people deciding to bring a little Peanut into the world, and you know, they do need lots of diapers and things to take care of that little Peanut, so I think we'll have this thing commonly referred to as a baby shower and celebrate a new little life coming into the world.  Phew again.

Oh, and I live halfway across the country from the aforementioned two very wonderful people AND the dear work friends I'd like to celebrate that promotion day with, so yes, this party weekend was a delightful trip to Texas for me.  Delightful other than this...

...which would be sad, sad raindrops and wet, wet runways and a total stay at DCA of about six hours, which means I missed a delightful celebratory dinner with a few of those dear work friends, but I did go to Potbelly three times.  You have limited dining options in that terminal.  So I started with a sandwich.  Learned of delay.  Treated self to amazing cookie.  Learned of further extensive delay.  Drowned sorrows in chocolate malt.  All totally needed.  Finally made it to Kami's and collapsed to sleep as soon as possible so we could be ready for that 7:30 breakfast.

Aaaannnndddd....happy promotion day, Pdubbers!  I'm so, so glad that I could head back to God's country and spend the day with some very dear friends to celebrate this whole making manager business.  Dang, that makes me feel a little old.  Anywho, we started out with a tasty breakfast at Original Pancake House and one rather adorable baby...

...and made our way to the office, which was decked out in all manners of Vegas.  And everything else under the sun.  Some people really go all out, and it's AWESOME.  Champagne at 10 (don't mind if I do!), pretty quickly followed by an early and long lunch at Gloria's with a few of my favorite gals.  Post-lunch celebration included our what-I'm-now-declaring-an-annual-event-dancing-in-the-car-par-tay, and then a few hours at House of Blues (thanks for still having a real party, Pdub Dallas!  Pdub DC doesn't believe in this, which is just sad and wrong) with a million tipsy accountants.  Good, good times.

Manager Kamster (woohoo!) and Jenny P, mother-to-be of Baby Girl P and our first, much-appreciated designated driver of the day

Stephanie!!  One of my dear DC buddies who's in Texas full-time now, and I'll be there before I know it.  Please notice the animated ctg and Justin (our second, much-appreciated designated driver) in the background.  They're awesome.

We walked/stumbled/somehow made our way down the street to Victory Tavern for a little more partying.  Just a little.  And then after all that celebrating, we definitely needed Jake's burgers to cap off the evening.  I know I wasn't quite myself because I forgot to order the jalapeƱo bottlecaps.  A true travesty.  AND there was no cheese on my burger.  There's always cheese on my burgers.  Yes, that burger was definitely needed.  And Justin kindly drove us home.  And Kami and I fell asleep shortly thereafter.  It was a really great day that wouldn't have been nearly as great if I hadn't spent it with my friends.  Love you guys!

Oh, that other party I mentioned?  The one celebrating the sure-to-be-adorable baby?  Yes, it's the day after all this debauchery.  Don't worry, I rally.  You'll hear all about it next.

Believe it or not, I actually didn't take excessive pictures for this day.  I'm counting on cameras of friends for several important shots.  Shocking, I know.  However, the pictures I did take are up on Picasa if you're into that kind of thing.


Sarah said...

Hooray for promotion day! So sad I didn't get to see you!!

Erin said...

Missed you, too!! But I'll see you in a short month and a half-ish, thank GOODNESS.