Saturday, October 24, 2009

More signs

That's right, time for another edition of crazy signs.  Assorted locales along the East Coast, minor moments of amusement, possibly only amusing to me.  Enjoy.

I'm still just fascinated by the diplomats.

Big kids...go ahead and run right over them.

American Indian Museum.  Please respect the inantimate objects.

Yes, I went through the McDonald's drive through.  I really needed fries.  Thank goodness I wasn't planning on using any coins to pay, though - that offer might have been shot down.

From Durham, North Carolina, I bring you....Sanitary Fish Market!  I mean, I appreciate the sanitary nature of your fish market, sir - maybe you should name it something a little more appetizing, though.

And from Provincetown,, one way, bikes, two.  Two legs, bad, four legs, good.

And then from New York City...oh, just go to town on that one.  It really made me laugh.

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Sully said...

Uhh, I totally love pink frosted donuts! With or without the sprinkles, doesn't matter to me. I'm not picky (about that.) Also, love the photos of the tree colors and the signs. And I feel your pain about the rain. And the gray. I shake my fist at them both!