Sunday, October 18, 2009


I dare you to find an arts and craft fair that has a break dancing competition, demonstrations on how to fix your bicycle, local vendors with frozen custard goodness, and homemade thingamabobs that I would actually consider purchasing.  Oh, it can't be done, you say?  I know, especially that break dancing part - it's a little out there.  Well, allow me to present to you Crafty Bastards, a slightly more hip and funky participant in the often stereotyped dowdy and kindergarten-projecty craft fair arena.  It's an annual event here in DC that brings together craftastic creations from all across the nation, with a name like "Crafty Bastards" you know there's going to be some snarky/quirky/humorous items dominating the booths.   

The weather faked me out a little bit, and it ended feeling more like late summer than early fall, so in celebration of the sunshine and all things summery, I treated myself by ducking down the street and into Rita's for some relief from the heat in the form of a tangerine/frozen custard combination.  The season for snowcone-like items has truly come to a close (in my mind, anyway - Rita's is open year-round, and while I might crave a frozen treat in December, it doesn't quite hit the spot the way it does in those summer months), so since I hadn't actually had a real snowcone this year (what a tragedy!), I snuck in this close approximation in early October.

Armed with frozen goodness, I tackled the fair.  Break dancers, check.

Adorable one-eyed monster onesies, check.  That sounds a little odd, doesn't it?  But there were pretty cute, especially when surrounded by other monster cuteness.  Monsters seemed to be the theme of the day.

Food-themed cufflinks, check.  Hello, who wouldn't want bacon and eggs cufflinks?   Or T-bone cufflinks?  Pickles?  Sushi?  All available for the taking.  Or...take-out.  Yes, cheesy, sorry.

I didn't actually purchase anything (other than food...sounds about right, doesn't it?), but I did grab a few business cards and check out a few websites after the fact to peruse a few options a little more closely.  I'm a pretty big fan of Mean Cards and the cool typewriter jewelry from The Weekend Store.  Keep it up, Crafty Bastards - you run a pretty snazzy craft fair.

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