Friday, May 8, 2009

Geographic tiny-ness

I hate watching the weather here. I spend the entire time trying to figure out where DC actually is on the map. There's too many state lines running around in the Virginia/Maryland/Delaware/crowded-eastern-seaboard area. Give me an outline of Texas and I can pretty accurately point out several specific places, some not even all that large, in a very short time frame. Up here I'm still just lost.

I appreciate your large awesomeness, Texas.

At least I'm learning my Metro stops. And that the city's quadrants start at the Capitol building. And that there's no J Street because I & J look very similar, not because L'Enfant had some bone to pick with John Jay. Although many of the addresses I've seen spelled out on I Street are actually "Eye" Street, which prompts me to giggle every now and then.

Weather's on my mind because all I really need to know right now is how much rain we're going to get in Munich and Prague. Just light drizzles, please! I have my fingers crossed.

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